Install Instructions

Install Instructions / First Time Use:


Option 1:  Trust an .exe file built by AutoHotkey – 1-2 min total time

  1. Goto the Download Page
  2. Download the ZIP file from the Exe Files Folder
  3. Unzip file
  4. Double Click to run the script

Option 2: Download the raw script – this requires an install of AutoHotkey – ~5 min total time – allows editing and customization of scripts

  1. Download AutoHotKey. The installer is the top link HERE: AutoHotkey Download.
  2. Install AutoHotKey. Default settings for that program are fine.
  3. Verify / Complete the Installation
    • Goto to your windows desktop and right-click on your windows background
    • Goto New
    • You should see an option to make a new AutoHotkey Script.
    • If you don’t see the new AutoHotkey Script option:
      • Open up All Programs from the Windows Start Menu
      • Find the AutoHotKey Program Folder
      • Run the topmost option (AutoHotKey) one time
      • Re-Verify the installation
  4. Goto the Download Page
  5. Download the .ahk file you want to try out from the AHK File Folder.
  6. Save it to your desktop – it should have a large H on the icon.
  7. If it doesn’t have an H, the install is not complete / correct.
  8. Double click on the downloaded file to run the file. (You can verify in the system tray if you like – down near the Windows time and calendar.)
  9. Press Windows key (Win) and H at the same time on your keyboard to launch the Help file.

MD Package Special Instructions (Progress notes and Simulation Notes) :

If you write/create billable documents in the Notes Section of IMPAC, I strongly recommend turning on a Auto Lock Note feature within IMPAC.

  1. Open eChart Navigator
  2. Right click on the Navigator GUI and select Configuration
  3. Check Automatically Lock New Notes
  4. Consider checking Show Date and Staff Names of Notes
  5. Hit ok
  6. Close and reopen navigator to see your changes.

The effect of locking the notes is that you must provide your password to alter the documentation. Without this step they can be changed by anyone. Locked notes cannot be edited after 24 hours.

Next day use of the StoreyQuickNotes Package:

  • With either option, simply double click the script icon on your desktop to make it active.
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