There are currently two main packages that have been released.

StoreyQuickNotes Nurse Package – Link to Category Feed


  • Abbreviations
  • Consult / Initial Visit Interface for documentation
  • Nurse Teaching and Education Interface for documentation
  • Nurse Assessment for Weekly Management Visit Interface
  • Calendar Navigation Shortcuts
  • Double Tap Shortcuts
  • Front Office Document Import Shortcuts

StoreyQuickNotes MD Package – Link to Category Feed


  • Abbreviations
  • Document Approval Shortcut
  • Image Approval Shortcut
  • Weekly Progress Note Builder
  • Sim/Plan Note Builder
  • Image Grabber / Screen Capture Utility
  • Calendar Navigation Shortcuts
  • Double Tap Shortcuts

Example GUIs taken from the packages.  Note: There are several custom interfaces for each side of the package.

Example Output: (Generated in about 25 seconds for the nursing assessment and 15 seconds for the progress note.)

Site: Pelvis
Weight: 165
New Medications:
Fatigue: None
Pain: 0
Pain Treatment: None
Pain Relief: NA
Pain Goal: 0
Diarrhea: None
Dysuria: Painful but no medication
Urinary Frequency: Less than once an hour
Proctitis: None
Bowel Incontinence: None
Vaginal Discharge: NA
Drainage Color: None
Drainage Odor: None


PROGRESS NOTE: Date of Visit: 10/05/2009
Week: 5

Site: Prostate
Dose: 4200
Fraction Number: 21
Dose per Fraction: 200
Nursing assessment has been reviewed and is accurate.
Port films have been reviewed.
Patient Concerns: None
Exam: There are no significant changes in the exam.
New Prescriptions: None
Assessment: Patient tolerating treatments well with no significant difficulty.
Treatment Plan: We will continue with treatment as scheduled.

Electronically Approved: Rad Onc MD

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