The scripts included/referenced on this site are solely designed to try and improve efficiency within the IMPAC environment. They do not function as stand alone medical documentation and do not change the fact that the end user is ultimately and completely responsible for the content of documentation that he/she places within a medical record.

While they create quick templates, the end user is responsible for ensuring correct content of any/all documentation that is created via the scripts that might ultimately end up in a patient’s medical record. There is no guarantee that using any of the templates on this site will pass for appropriate medical documentation upon an edit of your facility. Again that final responsibility is up to the end user, the billing department, and the rules that govern payment for services.

Finally, protect your log-in and password information at all times.  Arguably this program makes your password harder to steal, but as always use strong passwords and change them frequently.

~End Disclaimer



They are housed off-site as WordPress doesn’t allow for non-media files to be uploaded.

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