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How To: Using Schedule Navigation

May 13, 2010 Leave a comment

Once the program has been configured for your schedule, using the shortcuts is very simple.


To use the schedule shortcuts, simple press the Windows key plus and Arrow key.

  • UP and DOWN will toggle through the various locations you set within the configuration.
  • LEFT and RIGHT will change days (left = back a day and right = forward a day).

These are very simple, but very effective shortcuts.  They are especially handy when using a laptop to speed up your day and make it a little less annoying.  These represent about 1/2 to 1/3rd of shortcuts used in our clinic.


MD Package Update: Version 1.01 Released

May 13, 2010 Leave a comment

The MD Package of StoreyQuickNotes has been updated.

Tweaks Include:

  • Added a shortcut for Simulation approvals – Windows + S
  • With that I had to change the Suspend function to ‘]’ (close bracket)

The package remains stable with a new shortcut to address how we are approving Simulations in our clinic.  The clean up and news updates come as a precursor to me presenting the package to my internal group now that more are looking at an electronic record.

I’m going to work on better documentation of configuration and features for the next couple of weeks with the focus being on the MD Package for the time being.

Quick Stat Summary:

Since 10/09, in my single MD clinic, both myself and my nurse have utilized over 13,000 StoreyQuickNote shortcuts apiece for a total of nearly 27,000 uses in about 7 months.  Nearly 100 per work day per person.

I can’t write a stronger testimonial for them adding productivity over the default UI than showing use of that magnitude.

Consolidation of the Package

February 12, 2010 Leave a comment

We’ve made tremendous strides in our Radiation Oncology clinic as we are currently 100% electronic chart – ie I don’t really ever have a paper chart in my hand.  Yea!! The 2008 goal of an EMR is done.

The process has gone very smoothly, in large part I think to the StoreyQuickNotes and AutoHotKey functionality.  My clinic is one of 7 clinics and now administration has caught onto the progress that we have made and appreciates the time saving aspects.  So now, IS is looking at putting the code on the CITRIX client which would roll the shortcuts out to all the staff.  So usage on a daily basis would go from about 30-50 right now to 300+ patients and it would be a primary part of the global shift to an EMR for our 7 Radiation Oncology facilities.

As part of that move, I’ve spent some time consolidating the structure of the packages back into 2 packages.  There is an MD package and there is an Office Package.  The MD package is obviously oriented towards the physician workflow and the Office package contains shortcuts for Nurses, Therapists, and the Front Office Staff.

So I’ve posted a Nursing 97b to the download page.  I’m going to have it tried out in our clinic next week and make sure that I didn’t break anything in the merger and then I’ll roll it out as 1.00 Office once I feel like it has been through the paces.

Feb News Update

February 3, 2010 Leave a comment

Not too much to report. The posted code has been stable for months and functioning nicely in our clinics under fire.

I’m slowly putting together final release version and hopefully those will be up here in the next month. As you know, coding / CPT changes went into effect and we have been streamlining our documentation to keep up with those changes. This is stable and working as so it has dropped down my priority list a bit.

Overall point is that the code is stable and functioning with well over 10k uses in my single person clinic in about 3 months of consistent use.

December Update

December 17, 2009 Leave a comment

Just a quick post to say that work continues behind the scenes on StoreyQuickNotes. Overall, the current changes have been pretty minimal. The nursing package is essentially stable and ready for a non-beta release. On the MD side, the government is changing some CPT codes and I’m having to update the package to keep our billing department satisfied. In the end, one document is actually removed from this package and we will be dictating that note – (the plan note is now a dictated treatment planning note that contains quite a bit of planning details).

Beyond that, the clinic schedule has been crazy busy for a couple of weeks and with the holidays, there is little after work time.

A second success story – 10 AM on Monday morning a nurse that was NEW to an electronic chart thought it was better/faster/easier than paper. That is a 3 hour learning curve. I can guarantee that would not be the case if we were not using AutoHotkey and StoreyQuickNotes to improve the workflow.

My current statistics are closing in on 5000 uses in 7 weeks of use. It is a huge time saver as our lives are filled with redundant tasks. I’m hoping to push non-beta versions of the packages in early January as I roll out the package to more facilities locally.

All Packages have been Updated

November 16, 2009 Leave a comment

I’ve been a bit quieter but the work has continued.

Over the last week or so, I’ve updated and refreshed each of the 3 primary packages of StoreyQuickNotes including the MD Package, the Nursing Package, and the General Navigation Package.

The main addition is far better configuration of the packages for using the IMPAC schedule shortcuts. They now have a configuration page which should mean that there is no need for any “end user” to open the code if you don’t want to.

The list of things that I want to get done keeps getting smaller. I have a few more tweaks to the MD package but the others are getting close to what I’ll consider a full-release non-beta version.

Over the next week or so, I’ll get up some images of the new custom tray menu with some additional “How To” articles.

How To: The Configuration Page

October 31, 2009 Leave a comment

Today we will cover the configuration interface for StoreyQuickNotes.

Here is a picture of the current version of the interface as of the soon to be released version 0.98 beta.


On your first use, or if anything is blank, you will be brought to the configuration page.  The other routes are:

  • Right click on the StoreyQuickNotes icon on the Windows Tray and select configure
  • Use the Win-C Hotkey

Configuration Interface

In the example shown, we have read from an ini file that contains data so it pre-populated. If you are loading the program for the first time, this will all be empty but getting to this point is your goal.


Pretty straightforward, enter your password that the shortcuts will enter when you use the shortcuts.


Enter your name and I like to add MD to the signature. It is used to “sign” any notes created within IMPAC with a standard signature of:

Electronically Signed: Test Doctor MD


This option determines whether or not to write your name and password to a text file.  If you use the option, you’ll skip this step next time BUT your password is accessible on your computer so only use this if you alone have access to your computer.  The ini file is kept in your default directory which is C:\StoreyQuickNotes\ by default.


Here is where you can build a list of various schedules that you check on a regular basis.  The IMPAC interface for switching schedules is poor and this feature allows you to quickly scroll through any custom list of schedules that you reference in your workday.

Obviously I can’t know the names of the various schedules you want to quickly jump through so you have to build the list.

To build the list, open IMPAC and figure out the exact name of the schedules you want to quickly jump to.

Type those entries into this box.  1 entry per line – no trailing spaces.  No extra returns.  To be safe backspace to erase any trailing characters so your cursor would end at the ‘N’ in STATION in the example above.

This list will always be written to the ini file since it isn’t anything that needs to be protected or secure.

NOTE: If navigating between schedules doesn’t quite work, and you are left at the screen where you select the schedule, try the following work around:

End your selection in ‘:e’ – two characters, semi-colon then ‘e’.

For me, depending upon the Citrix client and log-in, sometimes a trailing enter is required and sometimes it is not.


Brings you to this page.


Brings you to the support page for StoreyQuickNotes.


Dumps an easy to copy text file of your current usage statistics.




Exits the configuration and will exit the program.