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MD and Nurse Package Updated

September 22, 2009 Leave a comment

Today I updated the Nurse and MD package.  A bit of code I wrote over the weekend didn’t transfer exactly correctly when used in the live setting so the files have been tweaked and updated.  That said, it was the first day of using the large combo package in the live clinic setting and it was successful.

Another big day down with any significant setbacks.  We are now working on a solid week and a half of live work in the clinic.

I will post something here when I update files on the site.  You can subscribe to this site if you like so you can be notified of any new updates to the code.


Detailing the MD Flag Shortcut – Win-M Command

September 20, 2009 Leave a comment

Periodically, I’m going to go into a bit more detail on various shortcuts that are a component of package.  In a way, this is the first substantive post of the news feed / blog.  Today, I’m focusing on a short piece of code – the MD Flag shortcut.

The code for the Message Shortcut is part of both the Nursing Package and MD Package for StoreyQuickNotes.
Here is the actual code – As I said, pretty short:

; **************************
; Add MD to Comments
; **************************

Send {enter}
Sleep 600
Send !c
Sleep 600
Send !m
Send {end}
Send ***MD***
Send !k
Sleep 300
Send !l

What does it do?  It adds a simple default ‘***MD***’ note into the comment section of the schedule.  This is not hard to do without the Win-M shortcut I wrote, but using the shortcut, it is much faster.

I wrote this code for a simple reason.  It is something that is done frequently.  Weekly management exams  are about ~1500 occurrences per year (300 x 5).  This is an example of speeding up a redundant task just a little and having a positive effect on the daily grind.

Why do I add the weekly management flag?  Once added, it is a simple way to ensure that patients are seen every 5th fraction.  Even better, everyone in the clinic can see that the patient has been seen every 5 fractions which should help to improve the overall billing capture rate.

So while each time it is used, it isn’t a big time saver, it reduces tedium on those busy weekly management visit days cutting the number of keystrokes and time to probably 1/4th of what it would be.  Multiply that by 1500 and it is not insignificant.

My next project is to try to roll this into something a bit more flexible that can be used by the therapists to create custom bolus notes or other recurring notes that need to be added multiple times to a patients schedule.  We will see if that develops into anything or not.