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How to: Using the Image Approval Shortcut

October 8, 2009 Leave a comment

Step by Step Instructions for the Image Approval Shortcut

Use:  Quickly approve single images from the Image Work List in the IMPAC Radiation Oncology EMR.

Once a day:

  • Start StoreyQuickNotes MD Package
  • Enter IMPAC password and Signature into the program

Image Approval:

  • Open up your Image Work List in IMPAC
  • From the Reviewed Required Worklist – Open the first patient image to review (the IMPAC keyboard shortcut is ALT-R for Review)
  • After reviewing the image, press WIN-R
  • You should be back at the Reviewed Required Worklist

Note:  It is only designed for reviewing patients with single films that need approval.  The ideal use in our clinic is a string of IGRT images where you can roll through them quickly and easily.

I choose WIN-R because I can’t alter ALT-R set by IMPAC.  This lets the workflow be ALT-R, WIN-R, ALT-R, WIN-R etc.

The Image Approval Shortcut is a standard component of the MD Package I have built using AutoHotkey.