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How to: Using the Document Approval Shortcut

October 13, 2009 Leave a comment

Step by Step Instructions for the Document Approval Shortcut

Use:  Improve speed and efficiency of approving documents in the IMPAC Radiation Oncology EMR.

Once a day:

  • Start StoreyQuickNotes MD Package
  • Enter IMPAC password and Signature into the program

Document Approval:

  • Open up your Document Review Required Worklist
  • From the Reviewed Required Worklist – Open the first document.
  • Review the document
  • Ensure current active window is on the border and NOT in the document (* See below)
  • Press Win-D to approve image
  • The next image will appear until your work list is empty.

*: There is no way to tell “where” the cursor is on the document approval screen.  If you have clicked the document or scrolled the document, the “context” of your keystrokes will be on the document and the shortcut will not work and you may see the screen jump around.  In general this doesn’t harm anything, but the document doesn’t get approved if this happens.

Unfortunately, IMPAC provides no keyboard shortcut to fix this (surprisingly – read sarcasm 🙂 ).  The easiest way to get the context on the surrounding menu is to click on the thick border just to the right of the document, next to the status but not on the status button for example.

For the FIRST viewed document, context will be on the “paper” regardless.  For the next items in your list, the context will only be wrong IF you click somewhere on the paper or scroll the document.

If rambling fails, add pictures:

Document Approval - Correct Context Document Approval - Incorrect Context

The Document Approval Shortcut is a standard component of the MD Package I have built using AutoHotkey.