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MD Package Update: Version 1.01 Released

The MD Package of StoreyQuickNotes has been updated.

Tweaks Include:

  • Added a shortcut for Simulation approvals – Windows + S
  • With that I had to change the Suspend function to ‘]’ (close bracket)

The package remains stable with a new shortcut to address how we are approving Simulations in our clinic.  The clean up and news updates come as a precursor to me presenting the package to my internal group now that more are looking at an electronic record.

I’m going to work on better documentation of configuration and features for the next couple of weeks with the focus being on the MD Package for the time being.

Quick Stat Summary:

Since 10/09, in my single MD clinic, both myself and my nurse have utilized over 13,000 StoreyQuickNote shortcuts apiece for a total of nearly 27,000 uses in about 7 months.  Nearly 100 per work day per person.

I can’t write a stronger testimonial for them adding productivity over the default UI than showing use of that magnitude.

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