Consolidation of the Package

We’ve made tremendous strides in our Radiation Oncology clinic as we are currently 100% electronic chart – ie I don’t really ever have a paper chart in my hand.  Yea!! The 2008 goal of an EMR is done.

The process has gone very smoothly, in large part I think to the StoreyQuickNotes and AutoHotKey functionality.  My clinic is one of 7 clinics and now administration has caught onto the progress that we have made and appreciates the time saving aspects.  So now, IS is looking at putting the code on the CITRIX client which would roll the shortcuts out to all the staff.  So usage on a daily basis would go from about 30-50 right now to 300+ patients and it would be a primary part of the global shift to an EMR for our 7 Radiation Oncology facilities.

As part of that move, I’ve spent some time consolidating the structure of the packages back into 2 packages.  There is an MD package and there is an Office Package.  The MD package is obviously oriented towards the physician workflow and the Office package contains shortcuts for Nurses, Therapists, and the Front Office Staff.

So I’ve posted a Nursing 97b to the download page.  I’m going to have it tried out in our clinic next week and make sure that I didn’t break anything in the merger and then I’ll roll it out as 1.00 Office once I feel like it has been through the paces.

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