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December Update

Just a quick post to say that work continues behind the scenes on StoreyQuickNotes. Overall, the current changes have been pretty minimal. The nursing package is essentially stable and ready for a non-beta release. On the MD side, the government is changing some CPT codes and I’m having to update the package to keep our billing department satisfied. In the end, one document is actually removed from this package and we will be dictating that note – (the plan note is now a dictated treatment planning note that contains quite a bit of planning details).

Beyond that, the clinic schedule has been crazy busy for a couple of weeks and with the holidays, there is little after work time.

A second success story – 10 AM on Monday morning a nurse that was NEW to an electronic chart thought it was better/faster/easier than paper. That is a 3 hour learning curve. I can guarantee that would not be the case if we were not using AutoHotkey and StoreyQuickNotes to improve the workflow.

My current statistics are closing in on 5000 uses in 7 weeks of use. It is a huge time saver as our lives are filled with redundant tasks. I’m hoping to push non-beta versions of the packages in early January as I roll out the package to more facilities locally.

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