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How To: The Configuration Page

Today we will cover the configuration interface for StoreyQuickNotes.

Here is a picture of the current version of the interface as of the soon to be released version 0.98 beta.


On your first use, or if anything is blank, you will be brought to the configuration page.  The other routes are:

  • Right click on the StoreyQuickNotes icon on the Windows Tray and select configure
  • Use the Win-C Hotkey

Configuration Interface

In the example shown, we have read from an ini file that contains data so it pre-populated. If you are loading the program for the first time, this will all be empty but getting to this point is your goal.


Pretty straightforward, enter your password that the shortcuts will enter when you use the shortcuts.


Enter your name and I like to add MD to the signature. It is used to “sign” any notes created within IMPAC with a standard signature of:

Electronically Signed: Test Doctor MD


This option determines whether or not to write your name and password to a text file.  If you use the option, you’ll skip this step next time BUT your password is accessible on your computer so only use this if you alone have access to your computer.  The ini file is kept in your default directory which is C:\StoreyQuickNotes\ by default.


Here is where you can build a list of various schedules that you check on a regular basis.  The IMPAC interface for switching schedules is poor and this feature allows you to quickly scroll through any custom list of schedules that you reference in your workday.

Obviously I can’t know the names of the various schedules you want to quickly jump through so you have to build the list.

To build the list, open IMPAC and figure out the exact name of the schedules you want to quickly jump to.

Type those entries into this box.  1 entry per line – no trailing spaces.  No extra returns.  To be safe backspace to erase any trailing characters so your cursor would end at the ‘N’ in STATION in the example above.

This list will always be written to the ini file since it isn’t anything that needs to be protected or secure.

NOTE: If navigating between schedules doesn’t quite work, and you are left at the screen where you select the schedule, try the following work around:

End your selection in ‘:e’ – two characters, semi-colon then ‘e’.

For me, depending upon the Citrix client and log-in, sometimes a trailing enter is required and sometimes it is not.


Brings you to this page.


Brings you to the support page for StoreyQuickNotes.


Dumps an easy to copy text file of your current usage statistics.




Exits the configuration and will exit the program.

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