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General Navigation Package

Over the last few days, I’ve spent some time on the AutoHotkey forums and spent a bit of time looking at the statistics for how I use StoreyQuickNotes and how the others in my clinic are using the package.

I think the good thing I did early was to focus on some major issues and I tackled some pretty big problems early in the Nursing and MD packages.  That work is largely complete.  There may be a few tweaks here and there as the install base grows a bit, but overall, the foundation of those packages was pretty complete.

But what I didn’t do the first go around was address some basic navigation issues of IMPAC.  Now I’m looking for super common tasks that just aren’t optimized and seeing if I can speed those things up.

In the broad sense, I’m going to think of those as a General Navigation Package.  Right now it has a few basic components:

  • Quickly Open the Schedule
  • Open the Patient Chart from the Schedule with one keystroke
  • Navigate the schedule using arrow keys to switch days and to jump from one schedule to another

So far so good.  I’ll added another 6 shortcuts to this package and I’m in the process of cleaning this up and integrating it into the large two packages.

I’m hoping it will be out the door early next week.

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