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Claims of Saving Hours – Sounds Rediculous But Is It?

Using StoreyQuickNotes in my Radiation Oncology clinic, I claim to “save hours per week” for the staff.  It sounds a bit exaggerated, but is it?

I think that is a very true statement and here is the rational for that statement.

I use the shortcuts throughout all of the day and for me, on a non-weekly visit day, I would say it shaves about 3-5 mins per day.  This is mainly to speed up the image approval and document approval process within IMPAC (we use IGRT for several patients and those images are digital as well as the simulation films).

On days where I need to grab radiology images for patients,  I use the image grabber.  This is a bigger time saver so add 3-5 to that.  On days where I see weekly visits I think I save 5-10 min or so on not having to review and correct dictations from the prior day and by having all notes in one easy place to reference rather than document scrolling within IMPAC.  Note, I don’t think generating the notes are faster, but I think the overall process IS faster.

That gets me to an easy 30-45 minutes faster per week. Let’s say 30 minutes to be conservative – 6 min a day faster.

The biggest block of time is time saved on nursing documentation. As I’ve said before, we are ACR and JACHO accredited so we document a lot of things. Nursing assessment alone is 2-3 minutes faster per patient over paper. Multiply by 30 and you get 1 hour. In addition there is teaching and consults and medication lists which probably easily top 15 minutes extra in savings.

Finally there is time saved by dictation and transcription by not having to type up the 30 progress notes per week. This has to be 2 minutes per note which would be another hour.

Conservatively I come up with 2 1/2 hours cut from the staffs work week using AutoHotkey shortcuts. It is probably closer to 3 hours. After just 3 short weeks of use while transitioning to an EMR, I wouldn’t go back and it has definitely lessened the daily grind of getting through various tasks.

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