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Positive Feedback: StoreyQuickNotes better than paper

It has now been about 3 weeks since we have implemented StoreyQuickNotes into live patient care work in my clinic.  The Nursing package probably has the most use in the clinic setting.

One of the best chances for feedback is nursing staff who rotate to the facility occasionally.  In every other clinic they are using, and have used forever, paper.  In my clinic only, they are using a completely different method to enter their data into the patient chart.

So every day they work in the traditional paper version and occasionally, they use StoreyQuickNotes to enter the data.  This last week, a nurse using the electronic system for the 2nd time ever thought it was faster and easier than using paper.

To me, that was a huge statement towards showing just how good these shortcuts are working.  This is someone who really worried about the switch to an electronic chart, disliked the default IMPAC interface, and who isn’t computer friendly who, on her second run, liked the electronic interface better than the paper interface she uses 90% of the time.

Pretty big statement.  Progress continues.

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