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StoreyQuickNotes MD Package Updated

Today I uploaded the current version of the StoreyQuickNotes MD package that I am using in the clinic to help IMPAC.  This has numerous upgrades / tweaks from the prior version.  More importantly, the progress note template section has live clinic experience.

Yesterday, I used the GUI to generate 20 weekly management notes.  For the first day it wasn’t that bad.  I would say some notes were faster and easier to generate and others were a step or two slower.  The good news is that I bypassed dictation completely so if that is a costs you infer (I don’t) it would be a profitable move – as this option is free.

For me, I still think it will save time as I don’t have 20 notes in my reviewed required dictation queue.  The second nice feature won’t be evident until next week when I can have instant access to the prior weeks documentation in navigator rather than having it buried in the documents section.

If I paid for dictation, this would be a slam dunk.  Since I don’t have that expense, it is more of a wash to small victory but I think as I progress towards a complete eChart using IMPAC, I’m guessing it will evolve into one of more favorite features.  Time will tell but the first day was a success.

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