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Image Capture Utility: Idea of the day

One of the nicer things about moving towards an electronic medical record is the fact that I can access digital images easier and show them to patients using the laptop that serves as the chart.

Nearly all the images I view are digital images.  Only once or twice a year do I see a patient with actual old style films.  In many ways, viewing images digitally is nice but it takes some time to log onto the secure servers etc to actually view the images.

Once there, I often like to take some screenshots so that I can come back and reference them later rather than needing to go back through the entire process.  For most cases, a handful of screenshots will work nicely.  For more complicated cases, I often fuse images on the treatment planning computer.

Honestly, capturing images is a pain.  Today I began to work on a shortcut to capture the image and label it according to the patient name and increment the number of the image.  Now the process is more like Win-PrintScreen and the image is captured to a folder on the hard drive.

From there, I still need to flip over to the Citrix server and cut/paste the images into a folder for the patient on the secure network, but it is definitely faster.  I’d like to get it to transfer to the network drive on the first step but I’m not sure I can do that as I generally view all the images outside of the network connection.

We will see.

Are there some very good screen capture programs out there?  Yes there are and they can save steps.  I generally don’t have them install everywhere and this will be free, included in the larger package, and very efficient with respect to the overall number of keys required.

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