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Newest Project – Helping out the front office

The newest project in the works is helping the front office staff.  As I’ve said before, we are moving towards an electronic chart.  Part of that process is importing outside documents into IMPAC.  While that process isn’t hard, it does require a number of steps to get a document into IMPAC.

That is a perfect description for AutoHotkey and a keyboard shortcut.  That said, there are unfortunatley some steps where you can’t depend completely on keyboard shortcuts.  So it will be a little tricky to see if I can get enough automated that it will help the process.

Overall, I think I can cut ~30-50 keystrokes / mouse clicks out of the process needed to import 5 sets of documents.  Multiply that by 250-300 patients per year and it is a pretty significant benefit.

Our current process:
We currently import documents into 5 categories:

  1. Path
  2. X-rays
  3. Outside records
  4. Patient Information
  5. Consent

Why categories and not individual documents?  The goal was to minimize the time the front office spends importing documents and to keep the document list short and ordered.  The other approach would have been to import everything individually but I think we would need an external fax handling program before we implement that.  Certainly, if we could get that automated (even for the majority of our imports) that would be the ideal.

It is looking like I’ll be rolling this out on a trial basis tomorrow.  It’s going to need some work on configuration instruction and documentation for any level of portability.

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