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MD Package was live today

Today I worked with the consolidated MD Package (version 92b).  Overall, it went very well.  I have a couple of things I want to tweak for the note but not that much.  Really I continue to be surprised at how effective the shortcuts have been and how easily I was able to package them into a single download.

I did find a couple of things that need improvement.  I definitely will need to add a site to the note because if you print the note, you loose the context of the IMPAC eChart navigator.  The other thing I need to add is a safety check to ensure dose and fractions have a check in place and an opportunity to override that number for the rare cases where I switch fractionation schedules in the middle of treatment which I hadn’t considered until it went live in the clinic this afternoon.

Overall though, it was a pretty successful day and with each passing day in the clinic, the nursing side seems to be really pretty solid.  (I got used to a lot of debugging in my prior modding life and either I’ve gotten better with my code or the language is pretty easy or the debugging process is sooo quick with this setup that I can test it much more frequently without it feeling like that much work – regardless, I like it.)

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