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Detailing the MD Flag Shortcut – Win-M Command

Periodically, I’m going to go into a bit more detail on various shortcuts that are a component of package.  In a way, this is the first substantive post of the news feed / blog.  Today, I’m focusing on a short piece of code – the MD Flag shortcut.

The code for the Message Shortcut is part of both the Nursing Package and MD Package for StoreyQuickNotes.
Here is the actual code – As I said, pretty short:

; **************************
; Add MD to Comments
; **************************

Send {enter}
Sleep 600
Send !c
Sleep 600
Send !m
Send {end}
Send ***MD***
Send !k
Sleep 300
Send !l

What does it do?  It adds a simple default ‘***MD***’ note into the comment section of the schedule.  This is not hard to do without the Win-M shortcut I wrote, but using the shortcut, it is much faster.

I wrote this code for a simple reason.  It is something that is done frequently.  Weekly management exams  are about ~1500 occurrences per year (300 x 5).  This is an example of speeding up a redundant task just a little and having a positive effect on the daily grind.

Why do I add the weekly management flag?  Once added, it is a simple way to ensure that patients are seen every 5th fraction.  Even better, everyone in the clinic can see that the patient has been seen every 5 fractions which should help to improve the overall billing capture rate.

So while each time it is used, it isn’t a big time saver, it reduces tedium on those busy weekly management visit days cutting the number of keystrokes and time to probably 1/4th of what it would be.  Multiply that by 1500 and it is not insignificant.

My next project is to try to roll this into something a bit more flexible that can be used by the therapists to create custom bolus notes or other recurring notes that need to be added multiple times to a patients schedule.  We will see if that develops into anything or not.

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