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Closer and Closer to Final Versions:

I really think the Nurse and MD are moving closer and closer to final versions.  Small clean-up continues but they are working, running scripts that are very, very stable.  I’m sure as more users come along, there will be some requests for tweaks and edits to what is there, but they are pretty well defined at this point.

Lots of pictures have been added etc. to the site.

Kind of similar to Google, the “beta” phases may last a little bit.  I wouldn’t be scared by that fact, you can always download and try it out and quickly move back if you don’t think it is ready.
I’m also toying around a bit with moving this section of the site to a blog format so that people can subscribe to the blog and a few other features that are a little more robust than the announcement offering from Google.  So if things change on this page, that is the change.
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